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The other day I decided that I wanted to move all internal emails into another folder in my outlook. Well much to my surprise, there is no easy way to do this. While I was searching for a way to do this I noticed that all internal emails from within my exchange organization contained no internet headers and all emails from the internet contained atleast my domain name. I know that this one might be a little silly and wont be the most popular tip up here but I spent quite some time searching for how and wanted to save atleast one other person this time..

Open Outlook and go to Tools -> Rules and Alerts

Select New Rule

Choose Start from a Blank Rule and hit Next

Skip over Step 1 because we want this to apply to all emails

A warning box will come up stating "This rule will be applied to every message you receive. Is this correct?"

Choose YES

On step 2 choose "move to the specified folder"

In the lower box select "specified" and choose your folder

If you want to still see the desktop alert, scroll all the way down and check "display a Desktop Alert"

Click Next

On step 3 choose "except if the message header contains specific words"

In the lower box, select "specified words" and type in your domain name

Click Next

Give your rule a name and save it.