How to Extend an OS HD in VMware

By | October 31, 2008

I just upgraded our systems with VMware's ESX server.
And one DC was running out of hard disk space (c:\).

VMware and Gparted to the rescue!




Remember: Take a snapshot or make a backup of your virtual machine "Before Attempting" this.
Get the Gparted iso from:

1. R-Click on the VM and choose "Edit Settings".
2. On the Hardware tab choose the Hard Disk you want to expand.
3. Enter a new size in GB, then click "ok".
4. Load the Gparted disk into the CD-Rom on the VMware host server or
you can go back under "Edit Settings" and choose the CD/DVD drive.
Then choose "Datastore ISO file" and browse to when you have loaded the ISO (It may be a good idea to put it on your SAN).
Make sure the CD/DVD is set to connect at power on!
5. The system should load into the Gparted disk or iso.
If the systems boots into the OS you need to go into the VMs BIOS and and set the CD drive to boot first.
6. The partition editor should boot. See for any other instructions
7. Choose the drive you need to resize and click on the Resize/Move button.
8. In the resize/move window drag the partition box so it takes up all of the Hard drive space and then click the Resize/Move button.
9. Restart the server with out running from CD-Rom
10. Your HD is now Bigger!


1. Take a snapshot or make a backup of your virtual machine "Before Attempting" this.

This information is provided "AS IS" with no warranties expressed or implied.

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