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By | November 12, 2007

From what I hear, this site is starting to get a little widespread. That is terrific because that was what it was created for. I hope the information on this site has saved somebody time because that is what it was created to do. There is nothing I hate more than searching for a long time for something so routine.

Well with expansion comes new features. The latest are blog posts from the so far 2 content providers on this site, Cheyenne and myself. Chey actually came to me and thought it would be a great idea to not just provide technical how-to's or scripts but enlightening information. Quick posts regarding a certian experience, new product or whatever.

You may now see a second section on the left called LNA Blogs. LNA obviously stands for LazyNetworkAdmin. Under there you will see our blogs. So go ahead, click on them, and be enlightened. 

I hope you all enjoy the new section.

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