PDMWorks Enterprise: Admin Check-In Orphaned/Checked-Out Files

By | August 9, 2007

The company I work for uses PDMWorks.
There have been many files that have been Orphaned (left checked out) when the company moved and downsized.
The problem is, how to check the files back in! Below, I have posted some instructions on how to do this.

1. Admin logs into PDMWorks and clicks on the root of the Vault.
2. Then Click Tools>"Complete Search"
3. On the "Name and Location" tab choose "Include Sub Folders" and "Display Files" checkboxes.
4. Click on the "Checked in/out" tab, make sure to only check the "Display checked out file" checkbox.
5. Click the search button
6. RT Click on the file and select "Undo Check Out".
7. You Must check the box for "Undo Checkout" and then Click the "Undo Checkout" button.

* If you receive an error that a mandatory filed is not populated,
then you must go into the Data Card and then into the fields variable and uncheck the mandatory checkbox.

** If you receive an error stating that the file has been deleted
1. RT Click on the Vault
2. LT Click on Properties
3. Click on the Deleted Items tab
4. Check the "Include items in sub-folders" check box
5. Items will populate the field above the checkbox, RT Click on Items and choose "Destroy"

Note: If you choose to Destroy a file this way, it CANNOT be recovered!

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