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By | August 31, 2009

Well over the past couple days I have been working on upgrading this site. My intentions are to make this site current with the CMS software I am using as well as offer up new features. By upgrading this site, it will not be easier to post pictures, which in turn I hope will allow us to post some “How-To’s” as opposed to just scripts. This will also help make the site a little easier on the eyes.

As with all upgrades, I I have complete, fully functional copy of the previous version. I have tested this site over and over again and it all appears to be working well. If you encounter a “glitch” please let me know so I can fix it.

As well, I hope to officially get a forum setup here because I am simply just not happy with with commenting system and the spam that it comes with. Look for more changes in the next couple days/weeks/months as I hope to have more for you. Thank you to everyone who has used this site and left feedback, comments or even linked to me on their website. Your the reason we write these articles, and even though they are few and far between, it makes us feel good to do a Google search and see our site come up on others sites. It is the reason we do what we do. So Thank you.


Thank you,


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