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Delete Logs / Files in Subfolders

By | April 1, 2009

I decided to check the size of some of my logs on specific servers. Well, as it turns out there were 4GB of logs! I needed a script that would delete the files after so many days. I was really lazy and looked up the recursion portion (MS Scripting Guys)! You can point this script anywhere and it will delete any files older then the days you specify.



Backup Files/Folders If File/Folder Has Been Modified

By | October 11, 2007

At the last job I worked at they had a shared folder. In this folder they would put scanned documents. The only problem was sometimes they updated documents or created new sub folders.
This script will copy all updated files, over writing the previous ones using the date modified as a comparison. It will also copy subfolders to the backup destination as they are created.
It will not delete files if the name of the file has changed.

Now this script is a little complex, but if you follow the instructions at the bottom, you should be fine.