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Fix for Microsoft Office Applications Stop Responding Because Of Share-to-Web

By | September 13, 2006

Recently I ran into a problem with HPs Share-to-Web software.
My Microsoft Office applications stop responding and the computer was acting buggy.
Here are the symptoms you may see:
After you install security update 908531 (security bulletin MS06-015), you may experience one or more of the following problems:
• You cannot access special folders such as “My Documents” or “My Pictures.” 
• Microsoft Office applications stop responding when you try to save or to open Office files in the “My Documents” folder.
• Office files that are located in the “My Documents” folder cannot be opened.
• If you open a file by clicking Open on the File menu, the application stops responding.
• When you type an address in the Address box in Microsoft Internet Explorer and you then press ENTER or you click Go, nothing happens.
• When you right-click a file and then click Send To, nothing happens.
• When you expand a folder in Windows Explorer, nothing happens.
• Some third-party applications stop responding when you open or save data in the “My Documents” folder.

This script will apply a registry fix to your computer.