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Keeping Up The Infrastructure

By | April 25, 2008

Keeping up your network Infrastructure is a difficult task. Especially, when going through red tape. It is hard to get management to buy into new servers and switches when they are out of date and out of warranty. This is because they look at the network as an old car that can be fixed up and run forever. Hello! Your corporate infrastructure is NOT an old car. What can an admin do? Well, for starters you must document all failures and making graphs help. Make sure you have base lines and make a comparison of the issues you are having. When management can see this on paper with pretty graphs, they realize that they must act and then the burden is taken off of your shoulders. Oh, and make sure to get them so sign off on approving measures to improve the infrastructure or not. Keep a copy of this for yourself. As an old boss of mine always said, “CYA insurance”!