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Write Protect Removable Storage

By | July 27, 2007

I just implemented the USB.ADM group policy option to disable USB removable devices on my network.
Then it caused a problem! You're not able to access digital cameras.
So I searched the Web and found a way to disable writing to USB removable drives.
Thank you to http://www.petri.co.il/disable_writing_to_usb_disks_in_xp_sp2_with_gpo.htm

Disable removeable Storage

By | July 25, 2006

By default, Group Policy does not offer a facility to easily disable drives containing removable media, such as USB ports, CD-ROM drives, Floppy Disk drives and high capacity LS-120 floppy drives. However, Group Policy can be extended to use customised settings by applying an ADM template. The ADM template in this article allows an Administrator to disable the respective drivers of these devices, ensuring that they cannot be used.