Timematters 9 Advanced Search Crashing

By | April 30, 2009

All of our computers after an upgrade from TM7 to TM9 were crashing and I had to call support. I hate that! Well after working with them for three days we discovered it was because of bad data in three database tables.




————Copy Everything Below This Line————


USE TimeMatters9

truncate table tm9user.dbchk

truncate table tm9user.keyword

truncate table tm9user.relatea


DELETE FROM tm9user.query WHERE [name] = 'inactivity' AND [TYPE]='a'

— DELETE FROM tm9user.query WHERE [name] = 'inactivity' — If the above query doesn't work, you can use this one instead.

–this fixes a TM issue where an inactivity report needs to be run and the advanced button is hit and TM crashes

–Then regular DB maint needs to be run right after this.


————Copy Everything Above This Line————

1.      Copy this script to a txt doc and save as a .sql query or run it interactively from the SQL management studio.

2.      You might need to change the “tm9user” part in the query to match your tables

3.      Then run regular database maintenance to relink all items, contacts and activities


***Make sure NO word wrap is happening in your script

This information is provided "AS IS" with no warranties expressed or implied.

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